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Engagement Programmes

Dialogue with the creators of Riley’s Rain

Engage with the creators, Gloria Tan and Samantha Bounaparte, as they share approaches to designing a sensory world by breaking down the multi-sensory aspects of story-telling and the considerations that go into crafting a narrative.

Portrait photo of Gloria Tan

Gloria Tan is a theatre practitioner celebrated for her one woman show Kancil: The Chronicles of One & Zero as part of the M1 Fringe Festival 2016. Led by a passion for youth development, she is the key facilitator for Republic Polytechnic’s, Operation Theatre. In 2016, she was commissioned by Channel News Asia to devise a performance piece My Name is Jamie that touched on depression among youths. She has also been working closely with Japan’s Gumbo Theatre, a critically acclaimed theatre company for the past five years, performing in and around Japan.

Portrait photo of Samantha Bounaparte

Samantha Bounaparte is the Assistant Programme Chair of Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management at Republic Polytechnic, and has been an educator in the tertiary sector for over a decade. Her passion lies in creating interactive and design centric performances for both contemporary and children’s theatre. In 2018, she was selected to attend the Artist Professional Development program of the inaugural Big Umbrella Festival at Lincoln Center, New York - a theatre festival dedicated to children on the autism spectrum and practiced alongside renowned international practitioners and companies such as Oily cart UK and Trusty Sidekick NY.

Gloria and Samantha, with the students from Republic Polytechnic have devised numerous multisensory performances in Singapore and Malaysia, from their debut piece The Very Hungry Caterpillar (2016), Legend of the Swordfish (2016), How Singapore got its name (2017), Toby’s Journey (2018) and Riley’s Rain (2019).

Saturday 15 August
2.30pm (GMT +8:00)

60 mins
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Community Dialogue on What If

Photos of different body parts and full bodies of the cast in action have been made into a collage.
Photos by Bob Lee, The Fat Farmer

Engage with the performers, designers and directors, as they discuss the artistic processes, insights and challenges faced in creating What If.

Sunday 16 August
4pm (GMT +8:00)

90 mins
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