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A retrospective view of all the productions presented at M1 Peer Pleasure since 2015.

Staged Reading of IF THESE WHEELS COULD SPEAK… devised and performed by Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, 2020
Staged Reading of THE OTHER PEOPLE devised and performed by Dunman High School, 2020
Festival Commission, WHAT IF: FROZEN.BROKEN. POOF!, 2020
Festival Commission, WHAT IF: 0 dB, 2020
Festival Commission, WHAT IF: FETCHING SANCTUARY, 2020
Festival Commission, WHAT IF: STAINED, 2020
WHAT IF ALIENS, shorts animation, 2020
RILEY’S RAIN, created and performed by Republic Polytechnic, 2020
Festival Play, THE CLASS ROOM. Created by Li Xie, Jean Ng, Kok Heng Leun, 2019
Festival Play, THE BLOCK PARTY. Devised and performed by The Community Theatre, Beyond Social Services, 2019
Festival Play, DOUBLE BILL THE GROUND. Devised and performed by Anglo-Chinese School Barker Road, 2019
Festival Play, DOUBLE BILL: WONDERLAND. Devised and performed by Anderson Secondary School, 2019
Festival Play, HOW DID I MESS UP THIS BAD: AN ANALYSIS. Staged by UNSAID, 2017
Festival Play, THE BOX. Devised and performed by St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School, 2017
Festival Play, WITHOUT REASON. Written by Sim Yan Ying and directed by Adib Kosan, 2017
Festival Play, NONSENSE. Devised and performed by Down Syndrome Association (Singapore), 2017
Festival Play, HOUSING GAMES. Performed by CHIJ Katong Convent, 2016
Festival Play, PULL UP. Performed by Clementi Town Sec. School, 2016
Festival Play, IN THE CRACKS WE FIND. Devised and performed by Raffles Girls' School, 2016
Festival Play, BODY OF LAND. Performed by School Of The Arts (SOTA), 2016
Festival Play, DANCING IN THE DARK. Performed by Buds Theatre, 2016
Festival Play, SUNDAYS. Performed by Singapore Polytechnic, 2016
Festival Play, POOP. Performed by Catholic Junior College, 2015
Festival Play, 10,000 CIGARETTES Performed by Raffles Institution (Year 5-6), 2015
Festival Play, THE CAR. Performed by Nanyang Junior College, 2015
Festival Play, THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES. Performed by Hwa Chong Institution (College), 2015
Festival Play, NONYA MACBETH. Performed by National Junior College, 2015