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Riley's Rain

Youths from Republic Polytechnic
Youths from Republic Polytechnic

Devised and created by: Gloria Tan and Samantha Bounaparte
Created and performed by: Republic Polytechnic, Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management & Operation Theatre Interest Group
Video editing by: Republic Polytechnic, Diploma in Media Production and Design

Production Credits

Riley the Raindrop is lost and needs help! Who can she go to for help and what will she find out along the way? Join Riley and her friends on a sensory windy adventure as she searches for the Great Downpour!

Download our online guide for an activity kit incorporating interactive and sensory elements, specially designed to include audiences on the autism spectrum, as well as those with sensory sensitivities.

Enrich your story experience from home, by making sensory props using commonly found items at home.

Online Guide

The creators behind Riley's Rain will be sharing creative approaches in creating a sensory-friendly performance for children on the autism spectrum in an online dialogue, find out more.

Engagement Programmes

Premieres on Friday 7 August
4.30pm (GMT +8:00)

15 minutes for pre-show craft activity
20 minutes to watch the performance on video
Event has ended

Suitable for audiences (typically developing children between 3-5 years) on the autism spectrum and those with sensory sensitivities.