Our Process

The youth participants have embarked on a research process in 2018 to deepen their understanding of poverty in Singapore. Apart from devising sessions, their explorations include attending talks by our resource panel, a two-day drama camp, community and home visits, reading aplenty, journalling and much more. Read on to find out more!

Community Walks & Interviews

Community Walks & Interviews

May - June 2018

The youths visited communities living in rental flats and chatted with them in their homes, in the process, many complex and multifaceted stories were unraveled. For that, we’re grateful towards the families and individuals who opened their doors to us and were willing to share their vulnerabilities so candidly.

Community and social workers from AMKFSC Community Services and Beyond Social Services also led the youths on a tour around the neighbourhoods of Ang Mo Kio and Whampoa, where the respective Volunteer Welfare Organisations are situated.

The impact of these experiences encouraged the youths to listen deeply, as well as quietly to their mind, body and heart.

  • Youths trying to understand the differences between a rental and purchase flat - are you able to tell them apart?

  • A few of us spotted various signs that warned us of the perils of turning to loan sharks.

  • Carving out quiet moments. “Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the neighbourhood” said Izzaty.

  • Coming together to share their reflections, sparked off a curiosity to gain an understanding on the financial assistance schemes available in Singapore - there’s so much to unpack.

  • Walking past stretches of narrow and dimly lit corridors, blocked by large puddles of water.

  • Getting to know a community stakeholder, and the residents from the neighbourhood better. A Senior Activity Centre welcomed the youths into their space and to interact with the seniors.

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