Festival Plays

We're proud to feature:

A Double Bill - Wonderland, performed by Anderson Secondary School, directed by Renee Chua and The Ground, performed by Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), directed by Iris Chia-Khanashat

The Block Party, a full-length piece performed by The Community Theatre, Beyond Social Services, directed by Rizman Putra and assistant direction by Izzaty Ishak

The Class Room, a participatory theatre piece created and facilitated by veteran theatre practitioners, Li Xie, Kok Heng Leun and Jean Ng

Full-Length Play

The Block Party

Esplanade Theatre Studio
Thur 1 - Sat 3 Aug, 3pm & 8pm

Devised and performed by: The Community Theatre, Beyond Social Services
Directed by: Rizman Putra
Asst Director: Izzaty Ishak

What makes a party happening?
Do we need food, music, people and space?
What if we don't have any of them?
Can we still party?

The Block Party is a docu-performance that unravels issues often blindsided and mis- represented. Assemble with the tribe and embrace the discomfort as we celebrate small joys among our struggles. Ready to party?

Photo by Asnur Asman
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