Festival Plays

We're proud to feature:

A Double Bill - Wonderland, performed by Anderson Secondary School, directed by Renee Chua and The Ground, performed by Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), directed by Iris Chia-Khanashat

The Block Party, a full-length piece performed by The Community Theatre, Beyond Social Services, directed by Rizman Putra and assistant direction by Izzaty Ishak

The Class Room, a participatory theatre piece created and facilitated by veteran theatre practitioners, Li Xie, Kok Heng Leun and Jean Ng

Photo by Asnur Asman


Esplanade Recital Studio
Wed 24 - Sat 27 July, 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Original plays devised and performed by youths from Anderson Secondary School and Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

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Photo by Asnur Asman


Esplanade Theatre Studio
Thur 1 - Sat 3 Aug, 3pm & 8pm

A docu-performance by The Community Theatre, Beyond Social Services

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Photo by Horst Kiechle


Esplanade Annexe Studio
Thur 1 - Sat 3 Aug, 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Participatory theatre created and facilitated by veteran theatre practitioners, Li Xie, Kok Heng Leun and Jean Ng

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Get To Know The Participating Groups

Double-bill performed by

Anderson Secondary School

Anderson Theatre Circle is a movement to nurture artistically excellent Andersonians who are responsible, dedicated and disciplined so as to make an impact locally and globally. It aims to nurture and create a safe space for exploration of self to bring about an awareness of the interconnectivity to the world around us and bring about change and involvement through dynamic, artistic presentations.

Double-bill performed by

Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

Drama@ACS was founded in 2001 and has staged both devised and adapted productions, often with proceeds going to an adopted charitable organisation. An energetic and expressive all-boys ensemble, their pieces are often a medley of aspirations and heartfelt explorations of their journey into adulthood. Moving forward, the club is excited to explore social issues and to amplify their hopes and dreams through the magic of theatre.

Full-length play performed by

Beyond Social Services Community Theatre Group

Community Theatre is a youth development programme initiated by Beyond Social Services that rallies volunteers to co-create shows that engage the audience to reflect on the social challenges faced by children and families from low-income backgrounds. These performances tour various rental flat communities, offering the youth volunteers the opportunity to contribute to their own community despite their challenging situations and encourages community members to take responsibility for addressing the social issues within their neighbourhood.

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