Our Process

The youth participants have embarked on a research process in 2018 to deepen their understanding of poverty in Singapore. Apart from devising sessions, their explorations include attending talks by our resource panel, a two-day drama camp, community and home visits, reading aplenty, journalling and much more. Read on to find out more!

Second Encounter

Our Second Encounter

Fri 16 & Sat 17 March 2018

In this two-day drama camp, the youths delved deeply into the embodied experience of differences in identities, relating to power and access to resources. One of the camp highlights was the Human Library segment, where the youths got to interview subjects who presented various perspectives on poverty.

Another highlight was an exercise that called for the youths to classify objects into three categories - “Needs”, “Wants” and “Cannot Agree” with a teenager in mind. Through the negotiation process, their values, biases and assumptions emerged. They began to see that needs and wants are often intertwined with a sense of social belonging, which in turn impacts a person’s dignity.

  • The youths weighing in on what constitutes a “Need” or a “Want”.

  • Oh dear it looks like there were many objects which the youths could not agree on a classification.

  • Every youth’s voice and vote is engaged in a negotiation process through the Basic Needs exercise.

  • One of the human books said, “We should not see people living in rental flats as poor people but rather people who just do not have enough resources to achieve their fullest potential.”

  • Izzaty and Afri demonstrating the Columbus Hypnosis drama exercise that explores movement, spatial awareness and power.

  • Stretching to energise!

  • Take care, till we meet again my friends.

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