M1 Theatre Ninja Programme

The M1 Theatre Ninja Programme is back with a bang in 2019!

If you’re 17 years and above and interested in being a Theatre Ninja, write to us at connect@artswok.org.

Interested in theatre production work, but frustrated by the lack of training and mentorship opportunities? We hear you! The Theatre Ninja Programme offers a unique platform for youths to learn about production and stage management from theatre professionals through an action-learning process. In 2019, we will be adding lighting design to the mix.

This programme is a great opportunity for youths to learn necessary principles and skills through a series of workshops, which includes sessions by industry experts at world-class performing arts venue, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

These skills are then put into action during festival week, supporting the staging of plays as crew, operators and design assistants. The live shows provide the youths an eye-opening chance to experience what goes into putting up a professional performance.

Click here to learn some cool backstage hacks from the Theatre Ninjas.

  • Ninjas in action during festival week putting to practice the production and stage management skills that they have learnt.

  • Working together as a team to rig lights in theatre.

  • Festival Production Manager, Clarisse Ng, making her rounds backstage to ensure everything is running smoothly for the shows.

  • Another level up! Esplanade technicians teaching the Ninjas how to assemble modular stage platforms.

  • Learning the proper way of coiling a cable because no one likes untangling messy cables!

What past participants say

It’s not everyday that I get to go to a theatre space and learn in-depth about the lighting functions and actually getting the opportunity to operate it firsthand. The structure of this program allows a lot of hands-on and gives us firsthand experience on the things we need to know and that makes it special.

- Nur Najihah Binte Mahmud

We received lots of professional support when we staged the play that I directed, which my friends and I devised. The following year, I learned about what goes on behind the scenes so we can provide that support. I’m thrilled to be able to learn different things which will allow me to understand theatre not just on stage, but off stage too! Gaining a nuanced understanding of theatre is one thing, but being given the chance to do so through a professional platform, and at such a young age is what makes Peer Pleasure so special to me.

- Robyn Wong Min Xuan

I have a new-found respect and appreciation for the people who spend years practicing the craft of production management. It certainly isn’t for the weak-hearted, as navigating the great big Ninja Warrior obstacle course takes strategy and stealth. I may not pursue production management professionally, but this experience has changed the way I see theatre - as an audience member or actor.

- Samuel Chong Yong Kang
M1 Peer Pleasure
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