Two sets of plays will be presented, each featuring a selection of two short plays (approx. 20 min each) and one longer play (approx. 45 min) followed by a 30 min post-show discussion


Performance Venue :  Esplanade Recital Studio






Tue – Wed, 26-27 July (7.30-10pm)

Wed, 27 July (3-5.30pm)




Housing Games

Performed by:Devised and Directed by: Mentored by: CHIJ Katong ConventStudents from theDramatic Arts SocietyJudy Ngo

A satire set 50 years in the future at the turn of SGCentury, Housing Games brings us into the world of a reality television competition that pits Singaporeans against each other for the chance to live permanently in Singapore.


A lighthearted yet reflective performance that examines current issues like what it means to be Singaporean. Are we, in our progress, success, and achievements, still inclusive of all who make up our society?








Performed by:Devised and Directed by: Mentored by: Singapore PolytechnicStudents from Diploma inApplied Drama & PsychologyOniatta Effendi


Two families – one a Malay household headed by a single mother working hard to provide for her two children and the other, a Chinese family where both parents are caught up with their busy lives at work, neglecting their only child.


Sundays looks at the challenges faced by modern families in Singapore as they navigate the competing demands placed on their lives.






Photo by Kazry Kas Kazan


Body Of Land

Performed by:Curated by:   Directed by: School Of The Arts (SOTA)Sean Tobin with texts byNatalie Hennedige,Kuo Pao Kun, Haresh Sharma,Jean Tay, Ovidia Yu, Zizi AzahSean Tobin


Connection to physical space is a big part of any nation’s sense of identity. Through a medley of extracts from signature Singaporean works, we look at some of the questions that our local playwrights have raised about land, through the eyes and voices of humans, spirits, animals and fauna.


A sensitive interrogation into notions of identity and belonging, as well as a celebration of the struggles and satisfactions of holding on and letting go of who we are, and who we may become. This is a re-worked version of the original play staged at SOTA in 2015 as part of the school’s SG50 celebrations.






Fri – Sat, 29 – 30 July (7.30-10pm)

Sat, 30 July (3-5.30pm)




In The Cracks We Find

Performed by:Devised by:Directed by:Mentored by:Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary)Students from English DramaRobyn WongSerena Ho


In a fast-paced and unforgiving society, even the sanctuary of family offers no refuge as it succumbs to stress and strain, giving way to cracks in the structure. An anguished child confronts and attempts to come to terms with her parents who struggle with their own anxieties and imperfections.


A poignant devised play culled from experiences of young people, authentic in its depiction of the state of the family in Singapore today.







Pull Up

Performed by:Written by:Directed by:Mentored by:Clementi Town Secondary SchoolThomas LimCatherine Jane Ramos LubangcoValane Tnee


Having unintentionally caused the death of his childhood friend in an aviation incident, Captain Lee is plagued by guilt. As he flies over the site of the crash, carrying a planeload of unsuspecting passengers, thoughts of suicide cross his mind. His good friend fights to prevent yet another tragedy, but the decision ultimately lies with the Captain.


Pull Up explores the conflicted emotions of a man wracked with guilt and touches on the themes of friendship and forgiveness. A play that strikes a chord with contemporary events, hitting close to home.







Dancing In The Dark

Performed by:Written by:Directed by:Mentored by:Buds TheatreWisely ChowAswani AswathClaire Devine


ANONYMOUS is encased inside her home, unable to face the outside world. A courier arrives, as always. He leaves, as always. The track repeats. A cat stumbles into her safe haven and a new track begins. Life grows a little less lonely and she laughs a little harder - but can she face her fears and overcome the things that hold her back?


Infused with the eccentric and feverish sounds of ’80s music, the play sheds a redemptive light on the all-too-familiar complexities of loneliness and allows the audience to experience this through the eyes of the protagonist.

























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