The theme that runs through all the pieces is Causality. This theme challenges us to look at cause and effect from multiple perspectives, nurturing an openness to possibilities so that we are better able to navigate an increasingly complex and diverse society



Dates & Times :  Tue 28 – Fri 31 Jul 2015,

7.30 – 10.00pm


Wed 29 Jul 2015,

3.00 – 5.30pm


Performance Venue :  Esplanade Recital Studio


Each performance will feature five short works, followed by a post-performance dialogue with the audience.






POOP  presents a vision of mortality quite unlike anything you have seen. Predominantly set within the heartlands of Singapore, Poop revolves around the aftermath of the suicide of a father and the impending death of his terminally ill young daughter, Emily. At the epicenter of the play, lies a whimsical and spellbinding quality which seeks to dispel any poignant sentiments of despair and heartbreak that one feels with the loss of a loved one.


This is a work which provokes in unexpected ways, helping us appreciate our loved ones a little more - simply for the fact that they are still by our side.



Performed by: Catholic Junior College

Written by: Chong Tze Chien

Directed by: Thomas Lim


Cast : Farahna Alam, Genevieve Hillary Beauregard, Irdina Auni Binte Idris, Neo Ming Xuan (Shawn), Jonathan Ong Zhe Qi, Jethro Peck Zhi Wei, Shin Kyung Soo, Ryan Siah, Sophia Sng Yew Ching, Sabrina Marie Stephen, Cheryl Tan Shu Ping, Kelley Megan Tan Suet Maye, Nicholas Tan Wei Xiang, Samantha Yang Yue-Le Qi









NONYA MACBETH  tells the story of a Peranakan man, Tony Chew who receives a “prophecy” from a trio of lawyers that on the death of his father-in-law, he and his wife could become head of the Peranakan House. Spurred to action by his wife, the Nonya, the protagonist sabotages his wife’s brother, Datuk Phua, and takes the house for themselves. The actions and events that ensue slowly descends into the realm of guilt, paranoia and social ostracism.


This post-modern piece is an adaptation of the epic, Macbeth, infusing it with the rich context of Peranakan culture, enabling us to explore greed closer to home.



Performed by: National Junior College

Written by: Sakinah Insari, adapted by inwardBOUND

Directed by: Mitchell Fang


Cast : Brandon Hu Su How, Andrea Marie Koh Wen Xian, Kagen Lim Yick Liang, Mohamed Hafiz Bin Mohamed Juraimi, Unnava Venkata Ramana Nitin, Dhaanya Nisha Raj, Apoorva Shukla, Srushti Sunder, Chriselda Faith Tan, Revathi Velluvar


Crew : Caitlin Elizebeth Park, Gerald Sim, Prairie Soh, Yang Hao Lin







10,000 CIGARETTES   is a darkly humorous play that asks the question, “How many cigarettes will it take to fulfil a smoker’s desire?” 1,2,3…10,000? Four characters rhapsodise  about the joys of the cigarette – the social cigarette, the boozy cigarette, the after-dinner cigarette, the stylish cigarette, the looking-cool cigarette – then, one by one, they start to cough…


This play is a moral tale without being moralising, and is a highly original piece with a clever twist.



Performed by: Raffles Institution (Year 5-6)

Written by: Alex Broun

Directed by: Rodney Oliviero


Cast : Cai Hai Yun, Chen Wen Wen, Hu Kewei, Isaiah Christopher Lee Xin En, Mohamed Sufyan B Abdul Sukkur, Caitlin Alsandria O’hara, Sarthak Panwar, Kathy Tan Kia Sim, Sreshya Kamakshi Vishwanathan









THE CAR  is part nostalgia, part modern pragmatism – and all car trouble. The decision to scrap a vintage car that has been with a family for decades brings back bittersweet memories for the youngest daughter as it played a role in certain pivotal moments of her life. It is a story about love and reconciliation for a woman who needs to put the ghosts of her past to rest.


This work explores how we take for granted the influences that contribute to our growth and development, and what we become if we use things and then discard them too easily. Are we just being sentimental when we appreciate the past or is it important that we reflect on what and how we value what is significant to our lives?



Performed by: Nanyang Junior College

Written by: Verena Tay

Directed by: Adelynn Tan


Cast : Ayush Chattoraj, Christine Chiam, Lim Zhi Yong, Bella Anastasia Montolalu, Charlotte Tan Hui Ming, Zhang Jing Yi


Crew : Agnes Chai Yeong Shuan, Melissa Goh Li Ting, Jessica Lee Shu Yi, Chanel Lim Xin Jie, Rakshna Natarajan, Jessica Sentoso, Tan Rui Heng








THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES  is an affectionate look at the kaleidoscope of issues that occupy the life of the typical Singapore girl. From gossiping and dieting, obsessive crushes and the prospect of remaining unmarried to being a betrayed wife, the play is nothing less than thought-provoking, amusing and poignant.


This play encourages a re-look at what young girls and women face, from social expectations of their roles to the expectations they inflict upon themselves.



Performed by: Hwa Chong Institution (College)

Written by: Wang Meiyin

Directed by: Nicholas Perry


Cast : Celeste Lee Shi Yin, Lydia Lee Yun Xin, Valerie Lim Xuan, Megan Ann Pang Chong Xin, Yeo Yihui


Crew : Raphael Hugh Chang Jia Yi, Sophie Lee Jing